Photo Facial!

Planet Sexy,

OMG my friend introduced me to a revolutionary new beauty treatment called the “photo facial” and I’m in love with it! It’s so fab and the results are incredible. I try to go and get one every 6 weeks!

If you’re not familiar with what it is… it’s basically a new, non-invasive facial that uses advanced non-laser Intense Pulse Light technology! During the facial the spa therapist gently delivers precise amounts of light energy through the skin’s surface to promote the production of collagen. The results are glowing gorgeous healthy skin!

The photofacial helps reduce redness, repair skin damage, clear uneven pigmentation fine lines and wrinkles etc etc… it’s seriously amazing and you’re basically left with flawless gorgeous skin!

Add a healthy eating and workout plan to the mix and you’ll be so sexy!!

Bisous & Be Sexy
Xoxo Maryse

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  1. qwerty says:

    What have you been doing since you left the wwe?

  2. Eric B. says:

    Maryse you are simply beyond a shadow of a doubt the most sexiest, hottest, delicious, beautiful, stunning, cutest, glamorous, most perfect person that was sent down from haven. I do not how you do it but you keep on doing it…..keep flaunting what you got…you rock

  3. bahram says:

    one of poems for you(i made this right after youre retirement)(the most beatiful poem in poem competitions but i didnt won because of ass kissers poems with no feeling and no technique)translation:you are the moon(symbol of being beatiful)and im pit(symbol of not being useful).you are a mountain(symbol of being strong)and im powder(symbol of being extremely small and weak)youre the king(using queen was not good for rhytmes)and im chaff(symbol of not being valuable).you are maden from soil and you are so neat(in gnosticism humans are made from soil)and im from soil but i will die as a piece of soil(im useless so if i die theres no problem).you are soil(cleanest thing in gnosticism)but im a pig(the dirtiest thing in islam).you are clean and im hollow. you are fusion and im a are a gem(being price less)and im a lizard.youare the sun and im mars(in persian language another name for mars is bahram)you are maden from heat but im too cold.thats the reason that you always give life to every one but i destroyed thelife that you had given to was more than 60 sentences it was the first 7-8 sentences.bahram(A PHOENIX WITHOUT WINGS)it didnt had rhythms and rhymes because its persian and it was impossible to translate with rhytms.

  4. bahram says:

    my life without you is meaning less,dont get angry when reading this text. cause i dont to des respect you or ask for sex I JUST WANT TO GET LOST IN YOUR VORTEX.

  5. angel says:

    please please please please please come back to the wwe because rax is maryse i’m your biggest fan I dream of you all nights
    PS now i cry when i whrite this to you

  6. David says:

    U already had flawless skin! Now uve reached a new level in human perfection

  7. thiago says:

    maryse I love you,
    you are very beautiful

    I am a Brazilian fan, and you follow the wwe, you are the most beautiful diva, and more beautiful than already existed, kiss


  8. hussein says:

    i love your blogs maryse

  9. bahram says:

    YOUre eyes are hypnotizing like the sun that is rising.

  10. logan blank says:

    your blogs are so awesome you are so awesome you are such an awesome designer

  11. MaryseFan says:

    Merci beaucoup, Maryse <3 pour obtenir des conseils. Je t'aime tellement, tu es merveilleuse. Je ne peux pas attendre de nouveaux articles. Bissous.

  12. Martha98 says:

    I love your blogs:)You should do more ;)

  13. Martha98 says:

    I love your blogs:)

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