Viva Las Vegas


House of Maryse invades Vegas

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  1. Lee Silber says:

    Maryse, please be my best friend as you told me a couple of years ago, when you told me to give a friend of yours Michael King $65,000 which I will but I lost his address please Maryse give me Michael’s address in Minnesota so I can give him the $65,000 as you told me. Then you told me you would meet me in Miami,Fl as best friends. I also want to prove to you that I am your best friend by giving you 10 white, stallion,mustang horses off of my ranch Wolfcreek Ranch in TX please take these horses now Maryse they are worth 100k a’piece for you!!! I will give you billions from the minerals under my properties, $100,000,000,000’s in building you another Dallas, Houston on my properties, 1m a month leasing my properties but I need your help in getting you this money now!!! Please help Lee. Jesus bless you always!

  2. Eric B. says:

    Mike is the luckiest bastard ever to have you…..I’m jellous of him

  3. Richard Lopez says:


  4. Happy for you and Mike

  5. Nikotaker says:

    Que hermosa eres Maryse, y tus amigas también pero no tanto como tú
    haa como te extraño en la wwe, pero nimodo, suerte en tus proyectos futuros =)

  6. flake says:

    flakes momma left him & he got crazy & ran away looking for her

  7. hussein says:

    i love u maryse

  8. Paul says:

    Nice party bus pictures:)

  9. Alberto says:


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