Eye Candy


Photos by:Amanda Gift of Snaps Studio www.snaps.pro

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  1. Eric B. says:

    Hey Cortni e. Jordan uuuuummmmm just curious how the hell is that bad? What bad do you see ?

  2. CORTNI E. JORDAN says:

    Maryse don’t do that that is illuminati.
    THATS BAD …..

  3. Eric B. says:

    Simply perfection of sexy as its best…..

  4. bahram says:

    these photos are scary!aaaaaaaahhhhhh help

  5. kral says:

    ─░lluminati :D :D

  6. Maryse Fan says:

    You’re so beautiful Maryse , I love you !

  7. PJ says:

    artsy, sexy :)

  8. Alberto says:


  9. ranga adrián says:

    Congratulations to stunningly beautiful eye candy, or as always, her beautiful

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