Do it yourself hair mask


Every girl wants gorgeous healthy hair! Now you can do it at home with this quick and easy hair mask I discovered!

To make the mask simply combine

1 raw egg
1/2 cup of plain yogurt

Whip these ingredients together. Apply the mask to the entire length of your hair, prior to showering. Work in the mixture really well and apply a shower cap. Leave the mask on for 1 hour and rinse with warm water!

Apply this mask whenever you need a hair fix!

Bisous & Be Sexy,

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  1. Carol Limon says:

    I was amazed how it turned mu hair when applying your treatment, My boyfriend loved how soft me hair !!!

  2. Carol Limon says:

    that’s great thanks Maryse!!!!

  3. Cierra says:

    I’m seriously going to try this. Your hair looks flawless every time I see you! Thanks, Maryse! Love you! French kisses!! :D

  4. faty says:

    thanks ton original cheveux est noir n’est ce pas ?

  5. Mégane says:

    J’ai essayée, ça fonctionne, mais mettre du yaourt dans les cheveux c’est assez bizarre et surtout pas Sexy haha :) <3

  6. hediye says:

    sol maryse aşkım

  7. Merci! Dis comment avoir des cheveux lisses aussi stp

  8. Wendy says:

    Merci beaucoup de cette astuce bisou :)

  9. Maryse Fan says:

    Thanks Maryse , it helps me a lot . Love u <3 .

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