When To Spark Convo


Okay, lets be honest… men are not the best listeners lol! Obviously some are better than others, but all in all… it’s all about timing haha.

Here are 3 things that help make him be a better listener!

1) Make sure he’s focused! If you want to tell him something important, or something that he needs to remember… do it when there aren’t a million distractions! I.e. telling him to remember an event that you’re both going to during his fav teams basketball game, is not the best idea lol. Wait for a time when he’s actually focused on what you’re saying!

2) Keep it short and simple. Basically, be direct and get to the point. Tell him the information without cluttering it with things that are irrelevant… he’s more likely to remember it that way!

3) Start by asking for his point of view. If you start by saying “hey, I’ve been wanting to know what you think of this… “ it’s more likely to engage him than if you launch into your story and then ask him at the end what he thinks lol.

Try it!

Bisous & Be Sexy
Xoxo Maryse

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  1. wonderful pictures tammy….

  2. Eric B. says:

    Hey maryse I think the only reason why some of us guys aren’t that particularly great listeners because is either that we don’t want to, to avoid some thing, just want to be left alone, or even the fact that there is some thing on our minds, or even personal…what ever the reason is I bet you if you ask a guy I bet you he’s going to say that big of a deal when in reality he’s holding some thing that he doesn’t want to make a big deal or he doesn’t want to her you….but like said for what ever the reason it is I’m sure he we guys have an answer why.

  3. bahram says:

    When a woman want to tell me some thing in the ijust say alright youre right but not you because i totally respect you.

  4. Carol Limon says:

    I will try Maryse !!

  5. mahmood afiyat joo says:

    not only you’re a combination of beauty and sexy but also you’re a open-mind talented and smart girl.you say things even professors can’t discuss.you’re amazing but you forgot a little thing.believe me when I say Men are better listeners than women.BE SEXY

  6. Lysa says:

    Que de bons conseils, bonne continuation Maryse, tes fans français sont fiers de toi !

  7. Meraj says:

    What are you saying Maryse.
    Men are the best things that god created.

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