Obsessed with Pink!

Planet Sexy,

OMG I am so obsessed with the color pink this season! Hot pink, neon pink, bright pink, pale pink… I can’t get enough lol!

I’ve written a few blogs about how you can introduce color into your wardrobe in a stylish way… either by going bold with your shoes or embracing the neon trend.

What’s your fav color that you’re obsessed with this summer?!

Bisous & Be Sexy,
Xoxo Maryse

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  1. Eric B. says:

    You look fantastic in anything maryse…..can you make me look better?

  2. Louis says:

    I Love black ,purple, blue brow :)

  3. GGGBrie says:

    Coral and orange! (& Mediterranean blue :-) )

  4. Myka says:

    MINT and NUDE!! :)) I just love it! ;)

  5. RkoChristine says:

    Pink,Coral,Turquoise ..actually neon colors!:)

  6. TheMaryseFan says:

    Τurquoise without a doubt :)

  7. Laura says:

    I Obsessed with Pink this season too ! ^^

  8. Stephanie says:

    Blue! I even have my hair died blue :p

  9. marysefan4life1 says:

    maryse my favorite color is red love you maryse :)

  10. Etoile says:

    Le jaune m’obsède depuis des années, mais en ce moment, c’est bel et bien le rose, et dire que je détestais cette couleur il y a quelques mois. Mais je partage ton obssession lol

  11. riely says:

    When u releasing that photoshoot of u in the pink braaaa?

  12. Yen says:

    the color im obsess this summer is blue but i love pink too lol

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