Food Truck Photoshoot!

Planet Sexy,

Check out this photoshoot!! This was so much fun to shoot…. We were literally in the middle of the street at a food truck! & to make it even more awesome…I got to eat my fav ever chips lol Ketchup chips from lays… yumm!!

What do you all think?

Bisous & Be Sexy,
Xoxo Maryse

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  1. Eric B. says:

    Even in a food truck you look deliciously tasty/sexy… sexy hot sexy!!!!!!!

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  3. bahram says:

    youre perfect but this pics are just fine

  4. Carlos says:

    She is so hot i love you!!! I wanna lick your nipples and kiss you in those sweet french lips all of my life will you marry me!!

  5. Punisher says:

    it was awesome!

  6. Shaun says:

    i wanna suck her boobs tightly.i wanna hve sex with her,i wanna lick her nipples and i wanna kiss her ass and kissher whole night.

  7. yasser says:

    why u don’t show your nud

  8. sonataker says:

    sexy sexy sexy

    show your pure beauty by being nude

  9. scotty says:

    your hot wow

  10. xavier says:

    With the background a little dark,the way it just makes your hair light up and really put the emphasis on it is beautiful. Snow/blond like hair of yours is amazing

  11. Will says:

    La plus belle femme du monde ! Et les plus belles fesses du monde aussi !! xD

  12. mido says:

    oh my god maryse u r so hot babe i love u

  13. I Love You….. <3

  14. Martha98 says:

    Perfect photo shoot! Actually your photo shoots are all perfect :D <3

  15. เถื่อน says:


  16. Roland Udert says:

    Maryse, I would love to get a copy of the photo of you eating the Lay’s Ketchup chips signed. I would even bring you a bag to The Big Event III. How could I buy an 8 x 10 of this?

  17. Junaid says:

    Your r simply the hottest women on earth…I love your beauty and your bold photoshoots…U r just sexiest of sexy

  18. Carla says:

    Maryse, tes deux nouveaux photoshoots sont trop retoucher je trouve, ça fait trop… Neon bikini et celui-ci, c’est dommage, car ils sont magnifiques… :( mais continue comme ca tu m’envois du reve, mon model!

  19. Paul says:

    If I have a food truck and I saw you, you can have anything you wanted.

  20. HITMAN says:

    I want 2 suck your sexy boobs

  21. Mathieu says:

    Tu es vraiment superbe comme femme Maryse, tu m’envoie du rêve en postant des photos pareilles, c’est très réussi !!

    Un french kiss de ma part qui vient de France ! Bis.
    ps ; Ta bannière Facebook est nikel :)

  22. Ola says:

    Simply amazing! It’s totally sexy!

  23. ranga adrián says:

    incredibly beautiful and sexy, her congratulations

  24. Martha98 says:

    So sexy,and gorgeous!:)) pretty girl :D

  25. RkoChristine says:

    This is an amazing shooting.I also love Ketchup chips :)


  27. mike says:

    Ketchup chips = Canada

  28. Brandon says:

    Looking good as always. Might have to try some ketchup lays now. Miss you & Barbie, wish you two were still working in WWE.

  29. Pradert says:


  30. Troy Riddle says:

    Bring your sexy ass back to the WWE!!!

  31. nicole says:

    wow sexy an beautifull as always Maryse be sexy lots of luck girl !!

  32. Kendafob says:

    Sexy like always. Is this photoshoot in NYC?

  33. Ken Su says:

    damn this is sexy as hell

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