Planet Sexy,

Check out my bombshell photoshoot! This was such a fun shoot & the team I worked with were awesome!

What do you think?

Bisous & Be Sexy
Xoxo Maryse

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  1. Eric B. says:

    Hey bahram, as far as kaitlyn, aj lee, and some of the other wwe divas that are new…..just give them a chance. As far as you asking is it comparable between tna and the wwe…uuuuuhhhhh nnnno. The wwe divas are better by far

  2. Eric B. says:

    Maryse you take some of the stunningly beautiful pictures every time. It doesn’t matter what diva in what era past or present or any at all…you are by far the most perfectly stunning I have ever seen no diva can compare…never had never will be… I mean you baffle me to where I hope I’ll never figure you out.

  3. bahram says:

    WHAT DO YOU THInk of current divas like aj kaitlyn and the others?i just think that it was more AWESOME before for example u michelle,kelly but i did like you more than the others i mean much more than the others but now i watch impact wrestling divas matches say what do u think of tna is it comparable with wwe?aah sorry youre perfect even when u just get up and u wernt take a shower or using any make up.

  4. Punisher says:

    very good!i like it!you are the most sexiest,prettiest and the hottest girl in this world!xoxo! If planet sexy agrees with me then all of you follow on twitter @PunisherX9. I am the future of wwe. Straight to hell

  5. Shaun says:

    i wanna suck her boobs tightly,nipple it hardly and i wanna have sex with her

  6. caleb johnson says:

    I have a story about this photoshoot. I was at work during lunch break eating lunch next to the computer. I came to this website, this photoshoot, and i got a boner so fast it ripped through by boxers and my pants. Before i could figure out what to do, my boss (named diane) came in and after having a little freakout told me to come to her office. she asked me what had happened and i told her about how i went to this site and the boner. She told me she too was french-canadian and started taking off her clothes and we had sex. She also said i was still fired though. Thank you maryse for letting me get laid with my former boss!

  7. Abell says:

    you look beautiful

  8. Kevin says:

    Trop bonne, franchement je me branle sur toi Maryse. Magnifique poitrine, un cul à défoncé, je te prends direct.

  9. jk says:

    love jerking my dick to these photos…

  10. William says:

    Maryse, mon rêve serait que tu poses nue. Mais en même temps, je m’évanouirais. =(

  11. mido says:

    i think u r the most beautiful women in the world

    i love u maryse

  12. i like french kiss i hoppe

  13. rick says:


  14. PJ says:

    Yes, definitely a bombshell :)

  15. Paul says:

    Now, that’s the bomb!!!

  16. But you made this photoshoot a long time ago lol

  17. Kelboy says:

    Nice photo shot Maryse!

  18. HHH says:

    The miz โคตรกากกกก

  19. Etoile says:

    Tu es sublime…Comme d’habitude :)

  20. Martha98 says:

    We,the Planet sexy,always get some reason,why are you the sexiest of sexy ! :D

  21. Jacob says:

    Could be better if you didn’t have fake boobs

  22. Laura says:

    I love this shoot :D

  23. Victoria says:


  24. ranga adrián says:

    Maryse is brutally sexy congratulations to

  25. marysefan4life1 says:

    very sexy and beautiful everyone of your photoshoots are Awesome i love you so much my idol the sexiest of sexy :)

  26. Josh Hemm says:


  27. Hnc says:

    mariyln monroe wannabe


  29. Nikey says:


  30. Mike says:

    Lol Lee Silber needs some serious help.

  31. vladimir says:

    You look stunning, absolutely beautiful.
    Et je dirais meme, que “magnifique” n’est pas un mot suffisant pour décrire votre beauté, qui fait de vous, l’égal d’une Déesse.
    Merci d’etre un soleil qui illmunie nos vies de par votre présence…

    Avec tout mon soutien,


  32. Lee Silber says:

    Dear Maryse this is Lee I can guarantee you $4,000,000,000 all I ask is you be friend. I can go to my attorney send you legal papers you sign agree to take the $4,000,000,000 (that’s 4 billion) for you darling, agree with your signature that you will be my friend for five years we will meet and become friends best friends I will give you more 7th heaven on earth than any girl who will ever live your supreme heavenly desires will be fullfilled by me so even if you don’t legally give me $65,000 to guarantee you the $4,000,000,000 with my friend Daniel Neves company which they guaranteed me, I will still use all my world wide web connections to guarantee you 4 billion dollars legally guarnateed with my attorney. Please email me and tell me you will take legally the $4,000,000,000 which I will under perjury give you if you just agree to be my friend,adn we always enjoy each other’s company Salave I speak french for you my darling, Lee.

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