Say goodbye to love handles!

Planet Sexy,

There are certain areas of the body where fat often stores… & one of those dreaded area’s is just above the waist… often called the “muffin top” or “love handles”! There are things that you can do to target burning fat in this area… & here are 3 tips!

Cardio – Getting your heart rate up & doing flat out cardio helps decrease your overall percentage of body fat, which helps slim down your mid section! Cycling, hiking, running, kickboxing, elliptical are all great forms of cardio. Do as much as possible ☺ Also add some strengthening core exercise to really zap that belly fat.

Blueberries- not only are these stacked with healthy anti-oxidants, but they’ve also been proven to target belly fat- awesome!

Transfat- Avoid transfat!!! Make sure you read the label on everything you buy. If it’s high in transfat avoid it… this nasty ingredient increases the fat around your stomach.

Bisous & Be Sexy
Xoxo maryse

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  1. mido says:

    i love u maryse u r so sexy and u r my hero u r agret champion

    u r the best in the world

    i love u babe 4 ever

  2. christina says:

    Thanks maryse i’ve been reading all the stuff you been posting about how to lose wight and be healthy and it really works So far I lost 10lbs! So I look forward to what your next post is about :)

  3. Martha98 says:

    You are just so nice,and lovely,you just try to help us!(actually I’m not fat:P ) But thank you so much!
    You are: beautiful,sexy,nice,friendly,slim,smart….You are perfect!
    I really think that the best thing in my life is you :)Thank you sexxy ! :D

  4. sharpsting says:

    your love handles are a bit higher than their ;)

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