Lovin’ Neon!

Planet Sexy,

Neon is sooo hot right now! I just love it!

When wearing neon make sure you do it in moderation… so either neon shoes, or a neon top etc… don’t go overboard and wear neon from head to toe hehehe.

Here are some neon looks that j’adore!

Bisous & Be Sexy,
Maryse xoxo

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  1. Eric B. says:

    You are beyond a shadow of a doubt the beautiful cutie wearing neon of any color, and you the only one that can pull it off

  2. bahram says:

    youre more beautiful than those 2 id never heard their names before

  3. Martha98 says:

    I love it! And your dress is adorable! ;D <3

  4. HITMAN says:

    I want 2 taste your boobs!!!

  5. Fahmi Ahmed says:

    Wow! Maryse, you look very buetifiul with that dress more than Kardashian and Fergie!

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