Happy Dating ;)

Not only is it fun to go out on dates… but it also keeps relationships exciting & if you’re still in those beginning stages it helps you get to know the other person better when you’re out & about & doing things that are engaging! So many people say that it’s too expensive to always go out on dates… but that’s not true! Dating doesn’t need to be expensive in fact, there are a ton of totally free, fun things that you can do ☺

Here are a few ideas!

Picnic in the park! – bring a blanket, some snacks, & a football to play catch … you’ll have a ton of fun & it’s a totally cute date.

Go for a walk on the beach! – So romantic! If possible, go during sunset ;)

Hit the gym together! Getting a good workout in together can create a great “team” feel… perfect! If you don’t have a gym membership, put together your own workout & do it in your local park.

Listen to live music! Do some research online & see what’s going on in your city… a lot of bands play showcases for free… so make plans to go see them together!

Explore your city! So many people live in awesome cities (or close to) & never actually explore them. Act like tourists for the day & go see the sites ☺

Happy Dating!

Bisous & Be Sexy
xoxo Maryse

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  1. Eric B. says:

    Ya know there a lot of women that will want to go out with you. But remember its you that has to be open or in other words you are the one that has to be available for them try or try to get to know you or even give them a chance to and so on…..

  2. Eric B. says:

    Like I said you should have your own show about this….

    Thanks for the tips

  3. bahram says:

    WHO is gonna date me?who wants 2 date me?those women that they are watching wrestling not female wrestlers may be this things can be effective what about the arguments between people who are dating?they can kill me!

  4. bahram says:

    or fighting each other whenever who loses should take the other one for expensive dinner.what?

  5. bahram says:

    i dont have any idea i just wanted to show my passion to read and attention to what youve said

  6. Kassi Marie says:

    Thats always fun to do:) My favorite is exploring, It shows your interest walking around and looking and exicting stuff on the walk. :)

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