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    MARYSE ♥ Je t’adore! I love your picture by the way, they are really nice! I hope I’ll get to meet you one day! You’re awesome!

    Adrien (ton plus grand fan qui n’est pas pervers) 😀

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  246. Alexis Young says:

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  255. Carla says:

    WAHOUUUUUUUU, Maryse, splendide! Fière d’être fan de toi.

  256. Myka says:

    I’ve been waiting for this shoot for such a long time!! :) I love it. And this is definitely not the “Girl Next Door” type. It’s more of a “Beauty Shoot.” 😉

  257. Deniz Boran says:

    You look perfect in all the pictures.
    And.. Girl Next Door? I know what to wish for this Christmas

  258. ranga adrián says:

    Beautiful Maryse

  259. Mozza says:

    OMG your so pretty, your so beautiful All the pics are some of the most beautiful pics I’ve ever seen

  260. PJ says:

    Next door? I wish. So beautiful.

  261. Johnny says:

    OMG! Beautiful, natural Maryse and her lovely smile :)

  262. Matthew Kee says:

    Awesome look! Love the smile on the last picture.

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