“Girl Next Door”


Photography: Amanda Gift www.snaps.pro

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  1. Duane Cooper says:

    You are a very talented young beautiful young lady

  2. Eric B. says:

    The girl next door you say??? BS…..your sooooo perfectly hot, sexy and breath takingly gorgeous that you are way beyond that. You are a league of its own to wear that it’s absolutely fun to look at the pictures with you in it. My god you are so beautiful and perfect in every way.
    Remember this “YOUR MARYSE OUELLET AND YOUR AAAAAWWWWWSSSSSOOOOOMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bahram says:


  4. Harry Zachary says:

    Girl next door? Please. You’re the sexiest of sexy, no one can deny that. You’re way too beautiful & so sexy to be GND material. If anyone, even a WWE Diva, deserves to be GND material, it would be Layla, but you, Maryse, are in a different league, love.

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  6. xxunknownxx says:

    if u do anything 2 her hell call the miz 2 kik ur candyass

  7. Adrien says:

    MARYSE ♥ Je t’adore! I love your picture by the way, they are really nice! I hope I’ll get to meet you one day! You’re awesome!

    Adrien (ton plus grand fan qui n’est pas pervers) :D

  8. Carol Limon says:

    very simple and always fantastic !!

  9. ricardo sari says:

    ni!i!i!i!i!i!c :))

  10. Shaun says:

    when i will meet her for the first time i will touch her boobs

  11. mojir says:

    my favorite diva
    best playoy photo
    she makes me hot

  12. tobster says:

    maryse you always look fantastic

  13. Alex says:

    WOW… Will you move in next door to me?!?!

  14. Larah says:

    Very beautiful! However, I do think that you should smile more- your smile is absolutely stunning :D Other than that, it’s quite spectacular!

  15. Pradert says:


  16. Alexis Young says:

    I think these pictures are gorgeous! Maybe my favorite! :)

  17. @fkedupsituati0n says:

    Stunning! You have such a natural beauty, Maryse :)

  18. mido says:

    u r the sexies women alive love u maryse

  19. u r the only women who is sexiest in dis world

  20. Paul says:

    Wow, you look like a HOT girl next door:)

  21. mahmood afiyat joo says:

    There’s no reason for you guys to say you like these pictures.Everybody knows Maryse Ouellet is the sexiest girl alive.

  22. Martha98 says:

    You are a model,who doesn’t need to wear make up!You are also BEAUTIFUL without make up!It’s also a reason,why are you the most beautiful woman int the world! ;DD You are my idol!Be sexy :)

  23. Ceren says:

    OMG!! Natural Maryse. I really love this photoshoot. Stay Sexy!! :)

  24. Great khali says:

    miz is the lucky basterd,

    miz vs me ,maryse on the line,

  25. Carla says:

    WAHOUUUUUUUU, Maryse, splendide! Fière d’être fan de toi.

  26. Myka says:

    I’ve been waiting for this shoot for such a long time!! :) I love it. And this is definitely not the “Girl Next Door” type. It’s more of a “Beauty Shoot.” ;)

  27. Deniz Boran says:

    You look perfect in all the pictures.
    And.. Girl Next Door? I know what to wish for this Christmas

  28. ranga adrián says:

    Beautiful Maryse

  29. Mozza says:

    OMG your so pretty, your so beautiful All the pics are some of the most beautiful pics I’ve ever seen

  30. PJ says:

    Next door? I wish. So beautiful.

  31. Johnny says:

    OMG! Beautiful, natural Maryse and her lovely smile :)

  32. Matthew Kee says:

    Awesome look! Love the smile on the last picture.

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