5 rules I live by!

Planet Sexy,

People always ask me what my motto for life is…. & I always say it’s just too hard to pick one motto…. I like to have a few!

You guy’s know how I am; I live life to the fullest, I never let opportunities pass me by & most of all, I love to love & I love to laugh =)

Here a few rules that I live by:

Stay true to who you are!
– I always stay true to who I am & I never compromise the things that I believe in. At the end of the day I am who I am & I won’t change that for anyone or anything!

Always be able to laugh at yourself!
– I actually wrote a blog about this a while back (click here) … I think it’s so important to be able to laugh! Life is too short to always take everything so seriously =)

Life is too short for regrets!
– Always take advantage of opportunities that come your way & live life to the fullest! Wouldn’t you rather regret something you did than look back & regret something you never did!?

No negativity allowed!
– I have a strict no negativity allowed policy! I like to be around positive people who inspire me. A lot of times you’ll come across people who don’t necessarily want the best for you, & for me, I just don’t entertain people like that! No negativity allowed =)

Always give everything 100%!
You’ll never fail if you give something your all… you’ve only failed if you quit. I always approach everything I do with passion & give it 100%!

Bisous & Be Sexy,
Xoxo Maryse

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  1. bahram says:

    what was youre favorite super star(mail wrestler not the female one)when you were a teenager?

  2. Colby Green says:

    everything you say maryse is right i love you xxx

  3. Myka says:

    Those are the things EVERYONE MUST LIVE BY!!! :) Thank you for being such an inspiration Maryse!! Planet Sexy hopes for the best for you! xxo

  4. AL says:

    Lol, I’m always negative, mh hahaha. Sorry, I like to joke alot and I put the negativeness on the bag (punching bag) te he

  5. HITMAN says:


  6. Danielle says:

    love this! Love all the stuff you put on here. You made me feel good about myself! Thanks Maryse! :)

  7. Carlitos says:

    You´re such an inspiration and also a very good woman.
    I´m happy to follow you on twitter because all the things you write are right :D
    Te amo♥

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