Puppy Power


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  1. bahram says:

    my last comment was bullshit sorry.

  2. bahram says:

    hey look at the last 3words of my name ram=mar.the first syllable of her name thats an honor for me.

  3. adam ormrod says:

    your so hot and i wish i was the dog as i would also like to stick my tongue down your throat

  4. BATISTA-4EVER-DU-59 says:

    Très très belle photos :)
    Félicitation à vous et à Flake

  5. Evan Brock says:

    Last pic is worth a millions

  6. lovemaryse says:

    i am trubled
    maryse is very beautiful very hot very sexy
    the most beautiful woman in the world
    i can do everything for you

  7. worshipper_of_maryse says:

    hail goddess maryse

  8. worshipper_of_maryse says:

    ma’am you are my goddess

  9. nitro says:

    I wish i was the dog :P

  10. Alex says:

    Maryse, you are so beautiful! I love your stand against real fur, it really says something about the kind of person you are. You’re an amazing woman, and I hope that you’re happy in whatever you choose to do. :D Flake has gotten so big btw! XD

    Don’t forget: Be Sexy! ;D


  12. Rachel says:

    Lol he’s still so small, but got so big!

  13. Paul says:

    Awww that’s cute,you got a new friend.
    I love the outfit and the sexy poses.

  14. @BeSexy_BeMaryse says:

    I loved “Puppy Power” Congrats to you and Flake!!!

  15. Mik92 says:

    Je sens que je vais m’évanouir devant tant de beauté ;)

  16. Mary says:

    Flake always looks very cute

  17. rod bebenek says:

    Love the photos nice see that you’ve kept your self busy since the wwe or if you are still with wwe. You are probably the hottest diva from canada, hope to see you in action in the ring.

  18. Adrián Ranga says:

    Maryse is incredibly sexy

  19. PJ says:

    sexy and cute all at the same time haha

  20. HITMAN says:

    sexy***I want to suck your boobs

  21. MaryseFan_Elias says:

    Wonderful pics

  22. Lexi says:

    Last pic is cute.

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