My Music Monday Pick!

Hey Sexies,

Hope you all had an awesome weekend! Mine was so fab- I went out for a delicious meal, got some hard core workouts in & handled business!

So for today’s Music Monday, I have a killer video that I want to share! It’s David Guetta feat . Nicki Minaj “Turn Me On”

I think this video is so creative! The “robot- like” machine at the beginning of the vid is crazy cool… the way it starts with the lips & then develops into a body is awesome, right!? The whole concept of the vid in general is so different, that you actually are drawn into the storyline!

David Guetta is one of my fav DJ’s- I always love his beats… & it’s great to see Nicki Minaj really stepping into a new musical genre… I think she does a great job on this record, her voice sounds awesome!

“Make me come alive, come on & turn me on” haha…. Such a catchy hook, I’m going to be singing that to myself all day now lol

Bisous & Be Sexy
Xoxo Maryse

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  1. Kate says:

    agree with you Maryse! this video is sooo cool! ))

  2. Sean says:

    Love David Guetta brings real class dance tunes! Everybody needs to work with him!

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