A Healthy (& Yummy!) Chicken Recipe

Hey Guys!

Eating healthy is extremely important to me & I like to make sure that everything I put into my body is nutritious & good for me! I also happen love yummy dishes & one of the biggest myths about healthy eating is that healthy food can’t be equally as delicious as those calorie-loaded meals.

Here is an awesome, healthy & delicious recipe I tried last night & it was so delicious!! Add a side salad & you’ve got yourself a great & healthy evening meal.

Give it a try & let me know what you think: CLICK HERE

Just a few lil’ tips that I swear by- It’s extremely important to steer clear of complex-carbohydrates & add more lean proteins to your diet. Protein is an excellent source of energy, is key in rebuilding the bodies cells & is the building blocks of the muscles. Chicken, fish, beans etc are great sources of lean protein! Also, be sure to include lots of fresh fruits & veggies to your diet, as they are natural sources of all the vitamins you need & are low in carbs 😉

Bisous & Be Sexy,
Xoxo Maryse

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