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  1. Eric B. says:

    SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SE Y!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ronald davis says:

    i think ur sexy i would love to kiss u cause special to me and cuddle with and frech kiss 1m 19 fronm new york but i go to oneaonta job corps ill keep writing u write me

  3. maryseisawsome says:

    Pleasecomebacktothewweispent49dollarsforyourtoyplanetexy misses u

  4. เถื่อน says:


  5. Camillia says:

    hi maryse i’m french and i’m one of you’re biggest fan i love tour attitude et ce que j’aime surtout c’est quand tu fais ce geste de la main qui t’a fait devenir si populaire je me demandes pourquoi tu as quitter la WWe mais bref passont j’espère que tu vas bien et que tes amours aussi ;) LOL mais voila j’espère que ce petit commentaire t’a plu et j’espère que tu n’oubliera pas de nous poster a nouveaux de tres tres jolies choses sur toi ‘thE sexiest of sexy’ ta nouvelle boutique a l’air si cool je comptes bien m’y rendre un jour en espérant t’y voir ! LOL bisous! ;) and of course Never Forget BE SEXY!!

  6. Maryse love says:

    Maryse je t’admire beaucoup je ne suis pas vieille mais adolescente et je rêve d’être catcheuse pour être comme toi je ne pourrais jamais être aussi jolie que toi ♥ J’étais déçue de ne plus te voir à la Wwe, mais c’est ton choix et je l’accepte.

    Gros French Kiss.
    Ta plus grande fan

  7. Anonymous says:

    your my fav. i love it when you go in the ring an flip your hair i do it allthe time


    COOL! 2 tme divas champion, AMAZING! but please come back to WWE..

  9. FrenckTKOuellet says:

    Amazinggg!!! Planet Sexy misses youu! :'(

  10. helen powell says:

    awesome wallpapers and pictures and videos your the best diva and the sexiest of the sexy MARYSE ……… your AWESOME

  11. tony pelillos says:

    Maryse…. the best and only diva …. need see more in wwe

  12. WWE Diva Fan#1☆ says:

    Did you know that Maryse is a 2-time Divas Champion. First time: Maryse successfully defeated Michelle McCool for the Divas Championship. Second time: Maryse successfully became Divas Champion once again due to her amazing dominance in a Divas Championship Tournament. We all love Maryse and i think we all vote Maryse for Next Divas Champion! You go girl! My favorite role model & inspiration! Wish i was you!!!! :) :) :)

  13. WWE Diva Fan#1☆ says:

    All of fans love u maryse! Best Diva EVER! :) :) :)

  14. jhoncena says:

    i vote for kelly kelly divas champion :)

  15. neil says:

    is it Mickie? is it Melina? Michelle?
    Kelly? Eve? Cherry? Maria? Gail?
    click link below to vote for your favorite Maryse rivalry . . . ooh OUI

  16. WWE Diva Fan#1☆ says:

    I vote you for Divas Champion!!! :)

  17. WWE Diva Fan#1☆ says:

    I think i want to be a Diva like you! Great inspiration! You are my favorite role model!

  18. Emma says:

    really cool :)

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