Teen Choice Awards 2011


The Teen Choice Awards this year was so much fun! It began with The Blue Carpet, where I had to walk and pose for the all the photographers that were there. The best part I think was having all those people holding cameras and screaming your name like it’s the last time your making a public appearance… EVER!!! haha. Then I talked with the media including CBS, E, Entertainment tonight, MTV, VH1, WWE, FOX, etc.. There was so much media I can’t even remember them all.

I was getting so hot, the sun was brutal and I couldn’t see straight in front of me. I was wondering to myself how I would go through all the media under a 100 degree sun. One thing that’s good though about California is the fact that it’s dry, and my hair was still perfect. There was no humidity, thank god, could you imagine… I would of cry, hahaha! Just joking!

Then as I was walking in the studio (Universal Studios, where I shot the video “Throw It On Me” with Timbaland and the Hives in 2007) I was looking for my publicist, and who do I see… Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Mc Lovin) from the movie Superbad. I love that movie. That guy made me laugh soooo much! I love comedies and that movie was freaking hilarious! I took a picture together and we talk about his upcoming projects, etcs!!!

Maryse and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin)

I met Justin Bieber and others on my way to the green room too! Its funny how Justin gets such a loud reaction from women. Yes I said women… not only little girls! Everywhere he goes, the crowd would go nuts!

Then I hung out in the green room, had fun, ate a little bit, and did some chit chat with some people. The entire cast of Glee was there as well as Ashton Kutcher and David Beckham. I got a Pic with David, of course, so I can make all my girlfriends jealous! haha

Maryse and David Beckham

Then we went to the stage, and finally sat down for the opening of the show. Selena Gomez was so cute, love disney! The Miz was sitting on my right and Kendal Jenner on my left with Courtney Kardashian and her husband.  Also sitting near me was Kim Kardashian. Behind me was Khloe Kardashian and Lamar. John Cena was sitting in front of me as well as David Beckham and his kids!

After the awards we were invited to a gifting suite where I got some cool stuff. I got a gold and pink Swarovski cover for my iPhone and a lots of cool other stuff.

Overall the show was great! I am so happy I got to attend! Remember… Be Sexy!!!

So tell me in the comments section below..
If you got to take a pic with any celebrity who would it be?


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  1. ВАНЯ says:

    Я БЫ ВДУЛ!!!!!!)))))

  2. bahram says:

    my favorite soccer player and my favorite diva together fantastic but i should use the word former before saying their this one is not fantastic.

  3. Maryse Mariee says:

    If I Had To Choose Out Of Every WWE Diva I Ever Liked That I Could Take A Picture With :
    You , Trish Stratus , Alicia Fox , Eve Torres , Maria Kanellis , Candice Michelle , Torrie Wilson , Michelle McCool , Layla El , Ashley Massaro , Stacy Kiebler , & My Current Favorite Diva……. KELLY KELLY…….. :) <3
    & Out Of The WWE Superstars It Would Be :
    My #1 Man RANDY ORTON / Also He Is My Favorite Current Wrestler. CM Punk , John Cena ,
    The Miz , Ted DiBiase , Cody Rhodes , Dolph Ziggler , Evan Bourne , Jack Swagger , Zack Ryder , John Morrison , Etc….. :) <3

  4. Stella says:

    Either you, Cody Rhodes or Tyson Kidd :D

  5. colin walsh says:

    well um lets c it obviously b u maryse lol

  6. Gabbie says:

    If i got a picture with any celebrity it would be the miz(: either him or Joe Jonas…Gawwdd there so hot.. and u tooo cause well why the hell not(:

  7. alsafi says:

    You are the best angel in the universe Maryse i love you

  8. Jonathan says:

    It is hard to narrow down just one celebrity that I would like to get my photograph with. However, one name comes right to mind and that is you!!!!!!!

  9. ehsan says:

    Your Best

  10. Uuuhhhh says:

    Maryse so sexy take with pretty girl megan fox

  11. Love that dress Ryse!! BUt if I had to choose to take a pic with a celeb it would be you & Kim Kardashian!

  12. Lewis says:

    Very beautiful maryse i like to take with her and christina aguilera and katy perry :D :D

  13. RealWWEDiego says:

    IF i had to pick a Celebrity it would be you no doubt!

  14. Ayesha says:

    It’d be you, Edge and Randy Orton. Oh and HBK! So many to choose from aha.

    Btw Maryse, could you please read my letter I wrote for you? http://t.co/cUfjoOK

  15. Arlet. says:

    Hm… it would be you and the miz.
    DUHH. <3 (:

  16. Anonymous says:

    it must be maryse frenchkiss ouellet

  17. Maryse'O'Selly says:

    I just can’t believe she said she loved Selena Gomez, I lover her TOO!!! I never expected that from Maryse :P, but it was pretty cool :)

  18. dimitri says:

    Toi tu es une célibrité digne de ce nom. T’est la meilleur dans tout ce que tu entreprend jamais j’aurai cru etre fan de catch. Mais toi maryse tu est exeptionnel, je m’appelle dimitri francais et suporter de tes combats à la wwe depuis 2008. j’ espere que tu sera en france pour le word tour RAW et plus particulièrement à Nantes. Entouqua moin je serai de la partie. C’est un honner de t’écrire et de t’avoir découvert à la Tv maintenant je fait les art martiaux et plus tard j’aimerait luter comme toi. BIZ M.AR.Y.S.E et à Nantes le 3 novembre j’èspère…kiss

  19. ManonMizanin says:

    You are very lucky, you took a pic with David Beckam !! And you saw many celebrity, but the real star of TCA was YOU ( Your pink dress was very very wonderfull!!! )

    If you got to take a pic with any celebrity it would be : You and Miz

    Gros Bisous xoxo

  20. SarahSwagg_ says:

    ‘If you got to take a pic with any celebrity who would it be?’ YOU, Maryse. ♥

  21. Ryan says:

    Meeting Beckham is pretty cool…..he’s one of my favorite athletes.

  22. Marysie Ouellet says:

    Really Beautiful

  23. Kevin says:

    if i could take a picture with any celebrity it would definitely be you :)

  24. I would FOR SURE take a picture with YOU!!!!!!

  25. bianca says:

    WWwwWwwOoOoOoOWwwwWWww! Nice photoooss!!I like your dress♥well you still pink:D Byee :)

  26. TheMaryseFan says:

    Everything sounds AMAZING!!! Except of the sun part haha If i could take a pic with a celebrity i would take with you (of course), David Beckham, Chord Overstreet (from Glee) and Demi Lovato!

  27. Alex says:

    Toi, ma belle Maryse.

  28. marysemizfit says:

    If you got to take a pic with any celebrity who would it be?
    it would be you of course (on my left side) and The Miz (on my right side) <3

  29. Loyd Vaughan says:

    Can’t pick just one but you would definitely be in the top three. Glad you had a great time though.

  30. Emma says:

    If I had to pick only one Celebrity , it would be Maryse Ouellet ♥♥

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’ve tooken pics with all my fav stats like Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin and even Joh
    Cena. But I would trade all of those of a pic with u (Maryse) execially in that beutiful dress

  32. Kyarra says:

    I would pick Taylor Swift and Ke$ha. Or like ANY WWE wrestler/diva. Nothing can top Stone Cold. He’s my hero

  33. indiah porter says:

    name sound familiar facebook mom??!! can u tweet me? @indilovehewitt please. and message me. the celeb i would love to take a pic with is you or zooey and deschanel. + josh hutcherson. i would cry if i met him.
    Máryse FrenchKiss (remember)

  34. Sara Orton says:

    OMG Maryse! Close to The Kardashians!!!! I would love to see a photo of you with them! but it’s ok with David and the other guy. Love you sooo much and I’m glad you had a great day! Please can you follow me on Twitter? My soon-to-be 24th years will be complete with a follow from you! I was tweeting you a few times but don’t get a respond :/ I hope that from here you can notice me! Much Love from Puerto Rico. ♥

  35. Barbara says:

    the celebrity i would love to take a picture with would be defeniately you and kelly kelly (:

  36. marysefan4life1 says:

    very nice blog maryse i love the photo too i see you was tanning you always have great blogs i enjoy it alot

  37. Obviously if i got to take a picture with a celebrity, it would be you!hopefully one day this migth happen but i see it complicated and I’ll have to settle with watching you from afar. How many borders have to cross to meet your idol, an ocean, a language… I hope that across the atlantic one day I have the opportunity to get that phot, while thanks to internet I will continue being your fan. Other celebrities would I get a photo? I have to think about it, that means they are not as important as you…

  38. Erika says:

    With you Of course
    The Kardahians!
    Francia Raisa!
    DAVID Beckham!!

  39. Justin says:

    With you of course? No question about it

  40. Shay Jay says:

    I will really love to take pics with Sn00ki, she seems like this really sweet lady and she loves saving animals. My next pic will be you and Cena! Haha

  41. Amanda says:

    If I got to take a picture with a celebrity, it’d be MARYSE OUELLET lol hopefully one day I will meet you and that will happen! Lol come to Pennsylvania? : ) <3 you Maryse, love the blog and so proud and happy for you and all your success! You deserve it!!

  42. maryse lover says:

    u <3

  43. If i got to take a picture with a celeberity it would be you! Others would be Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift! Love Them! But mostly you!

  44. lurvejustin says:

    gosh u so sexy maryse…. ithink i would be justin but i’m not a women im a girl….

  45. Cheyenne says:

    I would love to meet Emma Stone, Mark Salling or Ellen

  46. SUPPORT_WWE says:

    im so glad u have fun……If I got to take a pic with any celebrity i would chose Lady Gaga or maryse (u) or michelle mcCool or johny depp …..and NO i dont want to take a pic with Justin bieber cuz i HATE him

  47. TeamMaryse says:

    And ofcourse, YOU.. haha and Demi Lovato and Cody Simpson;*

  48. TeamMaryse says:

    How fun! :D I love your articles and I’m happy you’re making more social networks to connect with your fans!!

  49. Crystal says:

    Lol…all the suckups wrote “you”.
    ….not that I wouldn’t want to meet you too!

  50. Crystal says:

    I’d have to go with Emma Watson. I don’t know if she was there but HP rocks.
    I agree with you though, Selena Gomez is adorable. :)
    Ellen was there, right? She’s awesome.

  51. It would be Maryse, DAH !

  52. Amanda Tello says:

    i would want to meet you (of course!), Kelly Kelly, and Randy Orton. That would just make my life! <3 you stay sexy forever!!

  53. harman says:


  54. Yeah!!!! You meet awesome guys!!!!!!!!!! but more David Beckham!!! You’re so sexy and beautiful!!!

    Be Sexy Maryse!

  55. MaryseAholic says:

    Definately YOU!! Who wudnt want to meet the s
    Sexiest of Sexy!! <3

  56. id have my picture taken with you :) or eric from true blood

  57. Kevin says:

    Sounds like you had a great time Rysie and of course you look sexy as hell in your pics ;-)

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