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  1. Eric B. says:

    You are so amazing

  2. bahram says:

    Will you french kiss me?(youre finisher move)

  3. Joe Paschal says:

    Hi. I heard you were starting your own business soon. Can’t wait to see!

  4. Noris says:

    your a good actor and u have some good moments like when eve was at her photo shoot you hit her with your title and when you won the diva’s champion against kelly kelly u slapped her and u look like my favorite tna wrestler angelina love one more good moment is when u called maria out backstage and then in the match u won ur the best diva in wwe history

  5. Noris says:

    hi maryse u are my favorite diva you should be on raw all the time because u are good at wrestling and u deserve the diva’s champion

  6. Denise says:

    i have bought your items in the past,outfits,shoes etc for my maryse collection. When will you put items for sale? Waiting Denise your fan!

  7. The ''Stone Cold'' Legend says:

    Why Do You Amazes Me, Why!? lol.

  8. aline carvalho dos anjos says:

    maryse te adimiro muito desculpe não esta falando em ingles é que sou brasileira e por isso falo portugues bom eu só queria dizer que vc luta muito e é minha diva favorita

  9. WWE Diva Fan#1☆ says:

    Hi Maryse! You are my favorite Diva! I wish i was like you cause your’re such a great role model to young girls like me! Can’t wait to see you back in action on Raw, hey, you might be the next Divas Champion again!

  10. Crippler says:

    Hello Maryse how are you

  11. Wendy says:

    Coucou Maryse je voulais savoir si tu connaissais randy orton as-tu des photo avec lui?

  12. Jack says:

    Those are the finest tits in existence. Madam, congratulations and thank you!

  13. Jack says:

    Yo Ayesha ^ I got this for ya: DAAAAAAAMN!

  14. RKO says:


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